3rdPolish National Meeting of Couples Who Had Non-Alcoholic Wedding Celebrations

Wedding of the Weddings 1997

Zamość (Poland), 1996

Zamość - the capital of the Zamojszczyzna-region - is also the capital of the Diocese of Zamość-Lubaczów. A unique architecture of the uban area brought this city the titles of "Pearl of the Renaissance", "City of Arcades" and "Padua of the North". The city has about 60,000 inhabitants.

"It is impossible to forget Zamość, where we could participate in the marriage ceremony and non-alcoholic wedding reception for about 300 people." - as one of the participants stated.

A unique symbol for our times was the question of the priest: "Do you want to adopt and raise in Catholic faith offsprings whom God wants you to bestow ."

Children are a gift, a gift that God can give or not to give, rather than what is "right", you can "demand" nor thing you can buy, and if you get bored, throw out the trash. But if God will give, then you have to accept this gift, and not to "plan" it. Have to accept that what God deems most appropriate, whether by birth or by adoption. And finally, a child is not reward, but the task. The task of Catholic education. Children. Not one, not two, but all that God gives us.

Oh, how cruelly did plain violation of God's law affect children and their parents in Zamojszczyzna. Torn from their family homes they generally did not come back to them, died of hunger, deseases and cruelty. This fate was imposed by the beer-loving country, the Germany.

Wedding of the Weddings is a sign of hope for the new era of Zamosc, where the family has a right to be together, have the right to sobriety.