25th Polish National Meeting of Couples Who Had Non-Alcoholic Wedding Celebrations

Wedding of the Weddings 2019

Toruń (Poland), August 1st-4th, 2019

"There is no sanctity without sobriety - There is no sobriety without sanctity" was the leading statement of the XXV National Meeting of Married Couples That Had Non-alcoholic Weddings, that took place in Toruń on 1-4 August 2019AD

Silver Wedding Of The weddings gathered about 240 participants from all parts of Poland. Representatives of 28 dioceses and archdioceses came. 70 married couples of various tenure - from 5 days to 50 years of marriage, often with children, appeared in Toruń for 4 days. There were even dynasties of marriages that had non-alcoholic weddings.

During the event in Toruń we visited the Sanctuary of the BVM Star of New Evangelization and JPII and the place of beginning of the martyr's path of Bl. Fr.. Popiełuszko. In addition, we listened to a concert of an outstanding Catholic artist and a distinguished bard, as well as retreat teachings of Bishop Tadeusz Bronakowski and prelate Władysław Zązel. Lectures were given by, among others Fr. Sławomir Kostrzewa and the lawyer Mariusz Trela. Artistic workshops have been prepared for children and youngsters. Another attraction were joint singing of patriotic and religious songs, visiting the Old Town and the planetarium and the Living Gingerbread Museum as well as visiting Radio Maryja studio. Finally, we renewed our marriage vows and danced at the traditional non-alcoholic wedding ball - at the Artus Palace of Toruń.