24th Polish National Meeting of Couples Who Had Non-Alcoholic Wedding Celebrations

Wedding of the Weddings 2018

LudŸmierz (Poland), July 26th-29th, 2018

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The oldest village of Podhale region, LudŸmierz, hosted the Wedding of the Weddings this year.

It was a great event with honorable participants and excellent guests.

We highly appreciated the sermons of the archbishop of Krakow, Msgn. Marek Jędraszewski and the bishop from Łomża, Msgn. Tadeusz Bronakowski. Both drew attention of the need to encourage as many as possible young couples to have non-alcoholic wedding reception. It is needed both by the newly formed family and for the society at large in many aspects, including the true faith, proper children care, growing and education, public health, social peace, state economy and intellectual growth, prevention of disabilities, alcoholism, accidents, divorce and unemployment, as well as enabling of recovery of those suffering from alcohol and their relatives.

We thank to the lecturers recalling recent 300 years of Polish history in the light of the newest research results, specifically on the engagement of the Catholic Church in the fight for sobriety.

We are grateful to the artists that showed us the culture of Polish highlanders.

And we highly esteem the excellent non-alcoholic wedding party, with delicious food and splendid dancing music that we enjoyed all the night till four o clock in the morning.

We thank to the organizers, especially Re. Zšzel, that worked hard for 12 months to make this event an unquestionable success.