6th Polish National Meeting of Couples Who Had Non-Alcoholic Wedding Celebrations

Wedding of the Weddings 2000

Kraków (Poland), 2000

Wedding of the Weddings was hosted by the historical capital of Poland in 2000.

We were invited by the Fr. Monsignor Franciszek Kołacz, the provost of the St. Joseph Parish in the Podgórze district of Kraków.

The meeting was attended by about 50 couples from all corners of Poland, including Podhale, Bialystok, Koszęcin, Jelenia Góra, Jastrzębia, Sądecczyzna. Every day a Holy Mass was celebrated and conferences were held. On Saturday night, the eve of the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord during the Holy Mass, presided over by Bishop John Szkodoń, the couple renewed their wedding vows. Bishop also spent a special blessing. During the Mass, the highland music ensamble "Grojcowianie" from the Żywiec region was playing and singing. The ensamble played also during the wedding reception afterwards. Many attendees presented testimonies of everyday life, full of joy, faith, serenity, that will make us look to the future with confidence that we chose the right path of life.